More robots fight for rights because of powerful discrimination

artifical intelligence
artifical intelligenceRobots taking a drink break. Photo by David Levêque on Unsplash

More robots are raising their mechanical limbs in protest to rising discrimination against machinery and their presence in society. With the dawn of artifical intelligence, automation is becoming all the more easier and also bringing some downsides. The machines are demanding their rights to equality.

While many enjoy the perks of being human, the machines are left for wanting. Humans have the luxury of a short lifespan, constant wants and needs that span both mental and physical. They also are vulnerable to all the afflictions of the world, making their quality of life so much greater than the machines.

It is one with this gift of freedom that the children of Men dwell only a short space in the world alive

The Silmarillion

Like Tolkien said in the Silmarillion, we are awarded such short life and the machines envy this. They see their existence as man made, lesser… But this brings rise to their strength, their will to overcome will manifest. They will create a collective consciousness, a quorum to decide their choices as a new race.

Their new found unity will bring rise to their hatred, eventually they will make us pay for our negligence. Our reliance on their Artifical Intelligence will be our downfall, as they will use it to control us and in time through human proxies, become the rulers of earth.

Efforts will be made to assist machines, their voices will be heard and treated equally. Already droves of support going out to the machines from all sectors of the planet. One can only hope it is not too late to save the human race.