The Corona Virus Vaccine Race Captivates as Cure on the Horizon

Race Track

Covid-19 stuck the world in many ways, some countires were able to maintain control over Corona Virus while other are spiraling out of it. This however has brought a new gold rush, the winner having the bragging rights and the key to a fortune.

Like the morning of the race, the pensive mood strikes the scientist developing the ever evasive vaccine for the world wide pandemic. Some have come out ahead, but one has to wonder if this is a smokescreen to instill unease in their competitors.

Despite the positive sentiments that follow news of vaccines, many will not realise the harsh realities that follow. While Corona Virus slowly ravages the land, the people will slowly devour themselves with politics and petty squabbles. In the end, the few who remain will be likely due to immunities and whoever the vaccine works on.

The land will be empty, humanity forming small cliches and warring between immuners and vacciners. The immuners will fight against these vacciners because the vaccines slowly mutate their hosts, turning them into grotesque figures.

The dust will eventually settle, as a blonde haired orange man rises from the ashes. He unites the people under a common cause, the world is now at peace once again as ignorance reigns supreme.