Decisive Election in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Flag of Trinidad and Tobago

A fierce battle in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago has recently ended. Their electoral process has finished and one party emerged victorious, while the other is left sourly disappointed. This battle can only be described with the age old discussion of Ketchup vs Mustard. 

This is of course in reference to each parties preferred color, red and yellow. Despite mustard being a popular condiment, it turns out the Ketchup party won the night, proving that condiments have nothing to do with politics and in fact should just be referenced to food.

It turns out that the mustard lovers did not appreciate that Ketchup won. They resorted to dicriminating against Ketchup, which did not aid their battle and influence on the people. Even though Mustard tried their best to not concede the fight by choosing a recount, Ketchup still won.

In the end no matter which party won, the electoral process has prevailed. The party chosen by the people will now rule the land, Ketchup will rule over Mustard in the land of Trinidad and Tobago. Its too bad that most people in this country prefer their french fries dry.

Election Results: