Exercise leads to Surprising health anomolies according to latest studies

According to latest studies, regular exercise is good for you. In a turn of events that has astounded many people, experts keep finding reasons for the relevancy of exercise. While many people still doubt this phenomenon, it was found through numerous polls that exercise was not a concern to most.

“Most people would rather play video games, party and listen to politics”.

Kevin Glossener – Tahiti Medical Officer

While nothing is wrong with these past times, one has to wonder what is the ramifications to lack of exercise. The average weight of these individuals is increasing, it may very well reach critical mass soon. Critical mass referring to the impending intervention of the unknown and how they will precieve us.

Will the outsiders look down upon us? Consider what we would do upon finding new life and their existence was fueled by consumption and indulgence. I imagine they will seek our leaders, and upon their disappointment seek to take our world for their own. Unfortunately for them we have nuclear weapons.

When too many people do succumb to their indulgences, the world may face its extinction level event. At this stage we would have to overcome our shortcomings by solving the issue with technology or evolving to survive. When companies begin to stop profiting from weight gain then the problem will actually be solved, so we probably are in good hands as long as the aliens stay away.

Exercise is the best way to circumvent the world from colapsing. Everyone should practice it in some form unless incapable of doing so, this will help us survive the upcoming challenges the world is facing since we cannot rely on evolution.