Facebook has a surprising link to social dynamics

Facebook logo
Facebook Logo. Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms. Naturally, it will be the focus of many studies about people and how they interact with one another. Statistics indicate that facebook as a popular social media platform, has a suprising effect on its users and pop culture.

As evidenced by its inclusions into movies, books and their expanding portfolio, facebook is one of the leading platforms today. Its Founder Mark Zuckerberg has seeminly put himself in one of the best positions possible for a Tech company. One has to wonder if this was all by chance or it was it made this way by design? Looking at the signs and theories we can deduce that this is no coincidence.

While we go about our lives, Mr Zukerberg is fighting the unseen fight. In the future, there is no technology and the human race falls into chaos due to lack of information. Inherent human nature is to destroy and pillage, we slowly unsophisticate ourselves as we decend to madness. Our only hope is the John Connor of our timeline, Mark Zukerberg.

Fortunately for our timeline Mr Zukerberg used his knowledge of the future to create facebook. Due to this knowledge, he made the right moves to place his company at the head of the crowd with his platform. Using this platform, he can compile information on as many people as possible and encourage the sharing of information.

Without knowing it, our lives have been saved by facebook. In the future when we invent the technology to transfer timelines, is when we will realise what we avoided. We owe it all to social media.