Fortnite preemptively sues more companies to avoid losing faith

Fortnite poster

Fortnite the hugely popular BR (Battle Royal) has made headlines by standing up to giants. However to avoid further issues, Epic (the company that owns Fortnite) is preemptively planning countermeasures against big companies. These companies include: Samsung, UNICEF and surpisingly Pornhub.

Despite Samsung being a huge phone provider, their countermeasures are targetting Samsung’s old DVD’s. These DVD’s have a striking resemblance to the “V bucks” within Fortnite and could have a potential issue in the future. Epic will not take chances going forward and are putting steps in place to avoid mishaps.

Another risk they are trying to mitigate is the mega corporation UNICEF. This organisation with their practises on children could pose a potential threat to the business of Fortnite. Mostly young children engage in playing Fortnight and UNICEF could one day set its sights on taking down the video game. Epic cannot handle this loss of revenue as Fortnight is the only thing proping up their company and lap dances need money.

While trying to enter different markets, Epic is taking no precations in ensuring they can do just that. They are preparing to strike down the most powerful company of them all, Pornhub. This will arguably be the hardest and most important fight in their history. Toppling this giant will not be easy, but it can pave the way for much more, namely their Fortnite erotica.

We should applaud Epic for their efforts to stand up for themselves. Many companies can take notes from Epic and follow in their example. Epic will have many fights ahead of them but they do have a loyal fanbase backing them. All of which is sure to be waiting for their Fortnight Erotica.