Tik Tok causes a powerful reaction in animals

Tik Tok logo
Tik Tok logo. Image credit – Martin Bureau/AFP via Getty Images

Tik Tok is the app that has recently graced headlines, with the US setting a huge bullseye with talks of banning it. The users that peruse this app can attest to its appealing nature, however intresting effects have been observed. It would seem that there is an adverse reaction to certain creatures that could not be foreseen.

Due to the nature of the app, certain animals that appear on the app seem to be displaying irregular behaviour. Strange noises to different pitches can be heard in some videos, while others react with odd movement to music. Further specualtion into this phenomenon reveals that the anatomy of these animals may play a part in this behaviour.

Intelligent bipedal animals should not behave on this way, but Tik Tok apparently brings out this behaviour in these creatures. The reactions are of note as well, as the more reactions a user gets the more outlandish future hijinks become.

Tik Tok has taken note of this behaviour and provides features to actually accommodate these users. Providing voice modifications, facial alterations and body morphology, which they in turn use to analyze their users. This analysis is still unknown, but it is probably one of the reason for the recent actions against them.

Who knows the manner of the data being collected, or who it is being for? Is there some sinister force observing the users of this app? Will they pass judgement on the world based on the analytics they collected? All questions to ask ourselves as we submit to the dominion of Tik Tok and their overlords.