Virtual meetings takes new meaning in new video conferencing technology

Virtual meetings
Camera. Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

Virtual meetings are taking on new meaning with advanced technology. Cystal Movement Technologies, a small company in Northern Siberia is making strides in virtual meeting technology. The new camera system claims to be able to transfer emotions through the connections and materialize as a physical reaction. This can lead to a new user experiences, enchance current systems and revolutionize virtual meetings going forward.

Their new system was created by mistake according to their lead designer. When experiementing with different designs they discovered that when using a certain mixture of lens on both ends of the meeting the results manifested. Conducting an experiment where a female expressed to a male she had been unfaithful, a physical reaction was measured. However the results were staggering, the male was visibly upset and it was proven by the cooresponding brain measurements.

Using their first experiment as a catalyst, they launched into mass testing and the result is their new system. Claiming applications are out of this world is the word from early testers. Surprisingly, military applications can be astronomical, imagine being able to connect families across the world on a physical emotional level, weaponising it is also an option.

There is also a random option being explored. Sending random videos into the airwaves to produce physical emotions into the world. While these random emotions are bouncing around changing emotions in random people to cause mass hysteria. Emotions will become scary, chaos will run the world as no one can stay on a emotional path for long.

Technology is important.