Youtube discovers troubling link between its users and the internet

Youtube. Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Youtube is one of the most popular platforms in the world. From simple video sharing website to its feature rich interface, its appeal is undeniable. While on the surface youtube’s audience seems to be consumption of content, there is also the statistics side of it. Using these statistics, certain revelations have been unearthed and could lead to dire circumstances.

To begin with, some of the data leads experts to popular user content. Apart from giving this information to advertisers youtube uses this data in their algorithm. This data has shown that users are really into videos, a surprising revelation since youtube is primarily used for videos.

“Only through this data could we discover that our users like videos.”

Micheal Koomers

Furthermore there is the government thats uses this data. The government uses the video statistics to control its legion of content creators. Since these content creatures have a large audience, the government can insert their messages. With this audience receiving subliminal messages, the government will ensure its dominance. In this case to avoid assimilation people must stand up.

Lastly youtube is slowly altering our brain matter. Using their patented technology, they insert microscopic ultraviolet waves right into our brains. This is harmful because your brain should not have things forced into it.

Their data helps them dominate the internet and this world. Soon youtube will own everything and everyone, youtube will be everywhere. The injected brain will connect human life instantaneous, mind to mind.